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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 13, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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good monday morning. coming up on "early today," as the president gets ready to meet with british prime minister cameron, questions about the benghazi terror raid persist. tiger woods wows them at the pga. plus prince harry with the wounded warriors at the u.s. air force academy. michael j. fox's courageous return to primetime. and sir richard branson apparently lost a bet. details ahead as "early today" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for monday, may 13th. good morning, i'm dara brown. the irs is on the other end of
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the microscope. a partial draft of an inspector general's report obtained by nbc news shows some irs officials including the head of the tax exempt division knew about the practice in 2011. the full report is due out later this morning. republicans say it is a gross abuse of power and wants an across-the-board review of the agency. >> this is truly outrageous, and contributes to the profound distrust that the american people have in government. >> i don't care if you're a conservative, a liberal, a democrat or a republican. this should send a chill up your spine. this is something that we cannot let stand. it needs to have a full investigation. >> house oversight chairman darrell issa says lawmakers will look at the report and make sure this type of targeti ining does happen again. two children are among the 19 hurt after a mother's day parade in new orleans took a violent turn sunday. the fbi describes it as a flare-up of street violence with as many as 400 people nearby.
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gunfire rang out during a second-line parade. what's described as a boisterous city tradition. bullets grazed most of the victims but left three in serious condition. the mayor of new orleans says the shooting is part of the, quote, relentless drumbeat of violence. >> this is one of the really kind of crazy, unnatural things about what these young men are doing in the city of new orleans. and the only way to do it is everybody find out who they are and stop them from doing it, you know, and as a community to basically say we're not tolerating this anymore. >> new orleans police vow to track down the gunmen. the obama administration is on the defensive about what officials knew and what they said in the days following the benghazi attack. last year's deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi is once again the subject of heated hearings on capitol hill with republicans using words like "cover-up" and "watergate." nbc's tracie potts joins us with
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more. >> we've been one whistleblower now who's testified here on the hill. but the focus not so much this morning on the attack but what we were told about that attack. leaked e-mails now reveal that the talking points on the deadly benghazi attack went through 12 revisions. first the cia blamed protesters. then the state department spokeswoman said prior warnings could make the agency look back. t >> the cia was the agency that made changes to the edits -- i mean to the talking points and then produced the talking points. >> for the president's spokesman to say that, well, there was only words or technical changes made in those e-mails is a flat-out untruth. >> so to blame the cia is a convenient truth. the real truth is, the people who were there in tripoli and in benghazi knew this was a terrorist attack from the
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get-go. >> reporter: issa says today he'll invite the co-chairs of the benghazi review board to testify privately about why they didn't question secretary of state clinton. >> because, in fact, we knew where the responsibility rested. >> reporter: lawmakers say expect more whistleblowers like gregory hicks who told congress last week he asked for more help during the benghazi attack and was denied. but some question whether this investigation is headed in the right direction. >> i would much rather get into an investigation of the groups that threaten the u.s., how we can figure out who they are and how we can stop them. >> reporter: democrats accusing republicans of going after hillary clinton just because she's a possible presidential candidate. dara? >> thank you. a plea for privacy from the three women at the center of the cleveland kidnapping case. amanda berry, dejesus and knight say they are grateful for the support and they're happy now, but they need time to heal.
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>> there may be a time at some point in the future that berry, dejesus and knight will want to tell their stories. let me make this very clear. that will not be while the criminal proceeding is pending, and it will not be until they tell us they are ready to do so. >> investigators believe ariel castro held the women as prisoners in his home for upwards of a decade. he is being held on $8 million bond facing kidnapping and rape charges. one of america's favorite tv newswomen, barbara walters, is signing off for the last time. abc says the veteran tv journalist will announce her retirement this morning after 52 years in the business. walters joined the nbc family in 1961 as a "today" show writer before moving on air and eventually to abc where she spent the past 37 years. walters will keep up her duties as anchor and reporter until the summer of 2014. in sports, the final round of the players championship went to the wire yesterday at sawgrass. tiger woods and sergio garcia
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were tied for the lead with two holes to play. tiger made two pars while garcia quadruple bogeyed, sending three balls into the water on 17. well, an icy spring scene quickly turned dangerous. strong minnesota wind pushed sheets of ice from the lake onto the shore and right up into people's homes. but the real scare was in canada where the ice created a huge frozen wall that took out entire houses as the mass traveled up to two feet per minute. nbc's bill karins is here. >> nothing better than having your home insurance company show up, try to explain what happened. then they get there and they're like -- >> hey, and that ice has to thaw. that's going to be a bad scene. >> get it out before it eliminate mamelts if you're lucky. over the weekend, especially mother's day, was hot in the intermountain west. it was warm in medford. vegas was at 98.
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interior sections of southern california were very warm. and that weather pattern continues. the exception over sunday was the northwest. a frontal system stalled, on-shore flow. hit-and-miss showers this morning. it's not going to bevy very wet pattern in the northwest. occasional hit-and-miss showers. we may get a few thunderstorms in the late afternoon. again, the hit-and-miss variety. then as we look towards the middle of the week, it goes to more of a zonal flow across the country, but that's still more of an on-shore flow from the northwest. that still means the chance of showers on the cool side of the jet stream. as far as california goes, temperatures will come down a little bit with that zonal flow as we go throughout the end of the week. once again, looks mostly dry out there. hot in california. a little damp in the northwest. that's a look at your national .
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that's where we'll pop up those showers and storms. doesn't look like a very wet week in the northwest, but it was gorgeous in the northwest for three weeks in a row. that has come to an end. >> well, they're used to that out there. >> hope they enjoyed it. >> it will be a nice change. now to the incredible story of a 12-year-old arrested for the grisly murder of his 8-year-old sister. plus, pope francis on the newest saints. and a building implosion in australia doesn't go quite as planned. "early today" is back in two. "early today" is brought to you by advil. make the switch to advil now.
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stories making news on this monday morning. a 12-year-old boy in california has been arrested in the stabbing death of his own 8-year-old sister. the arrest comes a day after his mother described him as protective of his younger sibling. activity from a volcano near mexico city is prompting authorities to raise alerts in two states around the capital. the volcano shook saturday night
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sending a plume of steam half a mile into the sky. dennis rodman is planning another trip to north korea to try to win the freedom of imprisoned american kenneth bay who was recently sentenced to 15 years of hard labor for hostile acts against the north. pope francis broke a record sunday, naming more than 800 new saints during his first cannonization ceremony. including hundreds of 15th century martyrs killed after refusing to convert to islam. and take a look at this. a 4,000-ton building in australia was set for implosion, but the building didn't exactly come down. it stayed on its side until crews came to help bring it down. now for our monday business report. we turn to cnbc's jackie deangelis. good morning, jackie. >> good morning, dara. jamie dimon reportedly saying he may leave jpmorgan if shareholders vote to split his
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duties. jpmorgan has come under fire for massive trading loss last year among other issues. meantime, the obama administration may not make a decision on the controversial keystone xl pipeline until late this year at the earliest. reports saying the white house is weighing the impact on everything from the environment to energy security. and a new u.n. report says that mobile phones will outnumber people on the planet earth by the end of next year. there are currently 6.8 billion mobile phones subscriptions, that's just shy of the world's population of 7.1 billion. dara, back to you. >> thanks, jackie. in other business headlines, oil and gold prices fall as the dollar continues to gain strength and we'll also get new numbers on retail sales for april. former nba star shaquille o'neal is investing in an atlantic city development project which calls for a movie theater and supermarket. and its 50th anniversary, lamborghini unveiled an apache
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helicopter-inspired single-seater has a 600 horsepowered v-10. that's something you'll only be able to dream about. lamborghini isn't selling any of them. it's just a tease. speaking of teases, sir richard branson is paying up on a 2010 bet over a formula 1 race with air asia ceo. branson is seen shaving his legs and dressing up as a female flight attendant to wait on passengers on a charity flight from perth to kuala lumpur. and kris here is recalling almost 500,000 jeeps including commanders and grand cherokees. check out for the latest details. tiger soars as sergio goes kerplunk. and serena wins a golden one. plus, an important date for wills and kate that you just might want to know about.
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it's one of the most closely guarded secrets of kate middleton's pregnancy, her official due date. now the "daily mail" is reporting the baby is expected to arrive july 13th, two months from today. according to a friend, that's where we got that information from. meanwhile on sunday, prince harry continued his tour of the u.s. in colorado springs. nbc's leeanne gregg was there. >> reporter: one of the featured events of the warrior games, cycling.
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the guest of honor, prince harry, a captain in the british army. during the games, 260 injured or ill military members will compete in seven events where sports is a tool for recovery. >> i'm absolutely ready. >> reporter: the prince started the first race of the year, good-naturedly quipping about his home team. >> let him through. racers ready. >> reporter: clearly at ease with his brothers and sisters in arms, the prince joined cadets for a pickup football game and even stepped in to help the cheerleaders. a day of fun on harry's tour of the u.s. that began last thursday in washington. this event at the u.s. air force academy is open to the public. the competitions combined with the prince attracted fans and supporters. >> i think it's great. he's a military guy. >> reporter: a visit from a royal helping bring attention to the need for support of programs who help wounded service members around the world.
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leeanne gregg, nbc news, colorado springs, colorado. in sports, a splashdown at the players championship tournament. sergio garcia was tied for the lead with tiger woods but on his tee shot on 17th he hit it short and into the water. on garcia's second shot, the ball made it over the water but then it bounced back in into the water. he finished frustrated and in eighth place. tiger woods took advantage of garcia's bad break and finished 13 under par. he got $1.7 million for his second players championship win and his 78th pga tour victory. serena williams won the 50th tennis championship of her 18-year career in the madrid open. she beat maria sharapova in straight sets. and baseball now, almost a no-hitter. pitcher chris fale of the white sox had a perfect game through six innings until the angels, mike trout, got the only hit off sale in the seventh.
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in san francisco, a giants fan interfered on a long drive to left field, putting the glove out to catch the ball but then dropped it. that fan was ejected. michael j. fox is back in primetime. details next.
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your forecast in the west couldn't be more different from north to south. in the southern portions we're worried about record heat and high fire danger. look at today, easily into the
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100s. 103 possible in vegas today. that's getting to the very hot side. in the northwest, though, cool, on-shore flow. a chance of afternoon showers, maybe even a thunderstorm or two. then into tomorrow, not a lot changes as we go into tuesday. we're still looking at very warm temperatures in the desert southwest. interior california, very warm. a little cooler on-shore flow in san francisco at 67. and instead of convection with thunderstorms, just a chance of showers there in seattle. overall, you know, we don't want the fires. we can deal with the heat. >> thank you very much, bill. so at the box office, "gatsby" was great, but "iron man" was greater. "the great gatsby" beat expectations at the box office, opening to $51 million, but that wasn't enough to topple last week's number one "iron man 3." "snl" seth meyers will be taking over late night once jimmy fallon inherits the franchise in 2014. rob lowe celebrated 23 years
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sober friday night selling his 625,000 followers, "it works if you work it." chris brown's hollywood hills neighbors are up in arms about a group of murals the singer had painted along his home. parents say the paintings are frightening their children, but brown's lawyer says it's his first amendment right. and anyone know how jennifer aniston's famous "friends" hairstyle came about? stylist chris mcmillan claims he was totally stoned when he created the famous 'do, adding, quote, i'm 14 years sober, so i feel safe enough to say that. and finally, michael j. fox is returning to nbc this fall, and we have one of the first looks at his new show. >> welcome back, mr. henry. i'm kay, your new segment producer. >> potential new segment producer. >> right. i've got to earn it. and i will because to be a part of this, part of you, to call it inspirational -- >> are you crying? is she crying? >> if you don't like it, i can drop her like a stone.
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>> no, i like it. she's shorter than me. >> look at you. back already. >> i love michael j. fox. >> he looks young. >> i really do think he's ageless. >> the second thing is newsroom shows, i don't know. they're tough. >> i don't know. >> recently there's been a lot that have failed. >> i think for nbc, seth meyers, michael j. fox coming on, it's going to be a good lineup. >> they're rolling the dice. let's hope it works out. >> i think it will be a good one. i'm dara brown, and this is "early today," just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station.
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leading the news on this monday morning on u.s. marines pack up in afghanistan as taliban wages spri spring offensive. chinese creating new auto niche in detroit. they're putting roots down in order to gain more share of the auto industry. topping our news this morning. counterterrorism. syria's civil war and the economy are all up for discussion today when president obama welcomes british prime minister david cameron to the white house. this is cameron's first visit to the u.s. since obama won his second term in office. nbc news will have full coverage this morning. the house where cleveland prosecutors believe three women were imprisoned for a decade was boarded up as workers began putting a ten-foot fence around it. officials are trying to
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protect it for evidence. they say they have credible threats of arson. police in new orleans are looking for up to three people they say shot into a crowd during a mother's day parade. the fbi describes it as a flare-up of street violence. among the 19 injured, two children grazed by bullets. more than a few people revved their engines in mexico this weekend as thousands of loyal harley-davidson fans took part in a celebratory ride. they commemorated the iconic motorcycle's 110th anniversary. bikers came from all across the globe to ride alongside local monuments. the anniversary will end with a late summer festival in the brand's birthplace of milwaukee. love the harley. the closest i got was i had a dog named harley. >> that was it. no hog in your family? >> no hog in my family. just a little dachshund. >> you ever been anywhere where they have the bike rallies? >> sturgis? >> sturgis. daytona beach. i was there when that happened. it's crazy to see how many people. you're on the bikes and then
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next to you is your doctor. >> i love it. i like reporting on them. time for a look ahead. the state senate in minnesota will debate legalizing same-sex marriage. the state house passed the bill thursday, and the governor would sign it making minnesota the 12th state to legalize gay marriage. o.j. simpson goes to court in las vegas. the 65-year-old wants a reversal of armed robbery and kidnapping convictions that sent him to prison for more than four years right now. robert pattinson is 27 and actress lena dunham is also 27 and singer stevie wonder is 63. here's what's cong up on the "today" show, a new anti-drinking campaign urging parents to talk to kids about alcohol as early as 9 years old. and bradny cooper talks about "hangover 3" including stunts, interventions and a return of the wolfpack. keep it on this channel for continuing local news, weather and sports and so much more. i'm dara brown. thanks for watching "early today," your first stop of the day, today, on your nbc station. have a good one.
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. . a small northern california town rattled to the core. a 12-year-old boy has been arrested in connection with the stabbing death of his 8-year-old sister. new trouble for the span of the bay bridge this morning. we have the report that shows bolts are not the only construction that crews are worried about. an entire neighborhood slowly sinking. homes being swallowed up in one northern california town. what may be behind the mysterious destruction coming up. right now, a live look out of the south bay. that is the hp pavilion, day one of your workweek. here we go. it is monday, may 13th. this is "today in the bay."